Event Report : Global Game Jam Jakarta 2018

Global Game Jam (GGJ) was an international event where game developers and enthusiasts gathered to tackle the challenge of creating a game in 48 hours. In order to complete the challenge, they were divided into several groups with people they had just met on the spot. The event took place on January 26-28, 2018. For more information regarding this event, check out http://globalgamejam.org

This year, I joined the jam site in Jakarta because the location is nearer from my place. The theme for this year was “transmission”. We were free to define what that word meant and elaborated it into our game. A lot of ideas came up during the brainstorming session, but we finally chose a story about a boy who wanted to “transmit” his love to a girl. Cheesy right ?! Surprisingly at the end of the event, our game was voted as “the most interesting game” by the committees and the other participants. Despite some flaws, I had opened the game for you to try right here à  http://sayagusti.com/lovesignal

Holding the prize after voted as “the most interesting game”

Meet my amazing teammates :

My teammates

Bottom (left-right) :
  • Laura : Artist. She was the centre of cuteness in our team. Her hairstyle, her accessories, even her illustration style was cute as well. She wouldn’t stop scratching her pen tab and kept on even in the middle of the night until she drew something perfect…or at least she satisfied with it.
  • Adit : Game designer and artist. He is a management studies graduate who had an interest in drawing. A part-time game developer during weekend, while being an office worker during workdays. Someone who had a good logic and an idealist
  • Lucky : Game designer. He came from Bandar Lampung to Jakarta to check out the game industry in the capital city as well as to carry a holy mission of introducing his game studio to the other fellow game developers. He had took the risk of being a full-time game developer since 2015, a profession which was very scarce in his hometown.
  • Hansen : Artist. A freshman studying visual design in a private university in Serpong, Tangerang. Surabaya was his hometown and he was really excited to hear that I had participated GGJ several times in his hometown. He was responsible for creating the environments in our game. He aspired to master both 2D and 3D illustration.

Top (left-right) :
  • Ammar : Programmer. Someone who picked Construct2 as his favourite game engine. He had many experiences developing games and apps using Construct2. He taught me how to develop using Construct2 efficiently in terms of code and sprite.
  • Jonah : Composer. An information system student who weren’t really interested in coding. He put all of his energy into composing music. He told me that he did those composing thing just for hobby. However, I admired his composing gears. It was the most sophisticated gears in my years of participating in GGJ. 
  • Gusti : Programmer. A creative-industry enthusiast who worked his way to be the owner of a venture capital firm.
Here is the link again à http://sayagusti.com/lovesignal
If you have anything to say about the game, please write in the comment box. Thanks for give it a try! Have a nice day!
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